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Health and Safety

Nothing We Do is Worth Getting Hurt
/_uploads/images/Control_Panel.jpgAt Elmira Pet Products our employees are our most valuable asset. Keeping them safe and healthy does not happen by accident!  Everyone shares the responsibility for a safe and healthy workplace, and we each have a role to play to make it happen. Safety responsibilities are presented to new employees at orientation, written into every job description, trained on and reviewed by the Supervisors.

Training is an ongoing activity at Elmira Pet Products. Safety Talks for employees are conducted monthly and follow an annual schedule to ensure all important and necessary topics are covered regularly. Other safety training such as lift truck, first aid and CPR/AED, confined space and spill response are conducted at required intervals by certified and qualified internal or external trainers. All employees are involved with on-the-job task specific training and take the responsibility seriously to ensure the safety of their coworkers.

Elmira Pet Products has an effective Joint Health and Safety Committee that meets monthly to discuss concerns, monthly inspection reports, safety statistics, policy reviews, incidents and corrective actions. This committee is also actively involved in the in-depth review of key target areas as part of the Cambridge chapter of the Workplace Safety and Prevention Service’s (WSPS) Health and Safety Excellence program.

The shared responsibility for safety empowers everyone to bring concerns forward, share ideas for improvement and be involved in keeping each other safe.
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