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1923-1978: Martin Feeds

The roots of Elmira Pet Products go back to 1923 when Eli Martin operated a chopping mill to grind grains for local farmers. This humble start was the foundation of Martin Feed Mills who went on to supply well-known brands including Doc Kennedy, named after the staff veterinarian, Dr. Al Kennedy. 

1979-1995: Martin Pet Foods

Business thrived and in 1979 the Elmira facility started shipping a super-premium pet food to compete directly against well-established American brands.  As sales grew the company continued to reinvest back into their manufacturing plant to meet increased production requirements and quality expectations. This manufacturing plant is the current home of Elmira Pet Products.

The strong quality and performance reputation of the brands produced in Elmira caught the attention of Private Label accounts.  Soon top tier Private Label brands were being developed and produced in Elmira with great success.

In 1988 the first export shipment was sent to Japan. This was the beginning of a long and successful international presence. With this growth the company invested heavily in accredited quality assurance systems and training that continues to play a huge role within our manufacturing facility today. 

In 1990 a therapeutic, veterinary product line was introduced. This line went on to become a leading brand within the vet channel. Innovation, product performance, quality and palatability were second to none. To ensure the highest standards, the plant staff worked diligently to receive ISO 9000 certification in 1995.  This certification was recognized worldwide, and serves as a foundation piece to our
quality assurance platform today.

1996-2001: H.J. Heinz

Success attracts others and in 1996 the business was sold to the H.J. Heinz Company of Canada Ltd. This acquisition allowed Heinz to be rated as 1 of the top 5 pet food companies in the world.

2002-2004: Del Monte

In 2002 Heinz sold the North American Pet Food and Pet Snacks business to Del Monte foods. The Elmira plant continued to develop and manufacture premium quality pet foods for Private Label customers, the vet channel and for pet specialty accounts.

In 2004 Del Monte sold select brands to Royal Canin, who was looking to enter the veterinary channel. These products continued to be made in Elmira for 6 years to ensure the high quality standards and service expectations were maintained.  

2005-Present: Elmira Pet Products

Bryan Cook, CEO of Elmira Pet Products, joined Martin Pet Foods in 1993 in the Research & Development department. Over a 12 year span Bryan worked his way through all key areas of Operations. Throughout this time Bryan was able to experience the expertise, commitment and passion of his coworkers. This firsthand knowledge of the plant, and the highly skilled workforce, motivated Bryan to purchase the manufacturing assets and start Elmira Pet Products in 2005.

Business successfully evolved creating an opportunity for the addition of senior management leadership to help the team set a strategic vision and direct strategies to enhance opportunities for all stakeholders. In 2011 Elmira Pet welcomed the expertise of Paul Feick and Dave Johnston as shareholders. Paul is an entrepreneurial leader with over 22 years of experience advancing corporations into high performance cultures. Dave has over 20 years business and product development expertise in senior management positions. Together Bryan, Paul and Dave share a passion for growing the business and connecting innovation, quality and value with pet food.

Elmira Pet Products isn’t standing still. Since 2014 we have invested $31MM in equipment and infrastructure, including a major expansion to our mixing plant, production, packaging and office areas.

We have continued our legacy of the highest quality standards by achieving European Union certification as well as receiving BRC (food safety) accreditation every year since 2012.

Differentiating from other manufacturers, Elmira Pet Products has a crystal clear focus on leading the dry pet food Private Label category. We value our strong history, the strength of our employees and our partnerships with customers, suppliers and the pet industry. With over 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing pet food, we look forward to the next chapter.
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