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R&D Product Formulation

We are committed to providing the latest customizable formulations to meet the needs of the ever evolving Pet Food Market.

A large array of extruded dry cat and dog diets has been our main specialty for the past 3+ decades. All our formulations are designed using an integrated formulation system, providing cost-effective solutions and great flexibility.

We offer an extensive ingredient library of hundreds of ingredients, from customizable fresh meat blends to specialty ingredients and we strive to deliver unique solutions driving growth for global partners.

/_uploads/images/IMG_1217.jpgOur Product Development department provides an unique “Concept to Completion” program, which includes:

  • Creative assistance through personalized “Discovery Calls” to better assess our customers’ needs
  • Formulation development based on latest research and market trends
  • 15-day “Idea to Quote” system (may vary depending on project complexity)
  • In-house test batch with quality monitoring, full product testing and palatability assessments
  • Complete label information proposals
  • Information proofing
  • Traceability of all steps of production

Our team of in-house Product Developers includes:

/_uploads/images/Juliana_Leamen.pngJULIANA LEAMEN, B.Sc., M.Sc., RHN
Nutrition and Product Development Manager
Juliana is a Holistic Nutritionist and combines scientific knowledge with her passion for human holistic nutrition to develop unique products that follow the latest industry trends. Her knowledge of natural ingredients and their impact on health and well-being are key, as the natural food market continues to grow.

/_uploads/images/Alicia_Mug_Shot.jpgALICIA GORMAN, B.Sc., M.Sc.
Product Developer
Alicia,a passionate pet lover, focuses on classic pet food designs and pet owner education. She leads our plant implementation team, personally overseeing each new product from the testing stage to first production. Her knowledge of extrusion and product design allow us to ensure the highest standards throughout the development process. 

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