We take our commitment to the environment very seriously and are consistently taking steps to reduce waste and minimize our ecological footprint.


Elmira Pet Products is devoted to the welfare of our planet. We take our commitment to the environment very seriously and are consistently taking steps to reduce waste and minimize our ecological footprint. Elmira Pet Products has made the following successes possible:


    • Complete reverse osmosis water treatment system installed in boiler room to increase boiler cycles and reduce natural gas consumption by 260,000m3/yr, and eliminate approximately 480 tonnes of annual CO2 emission 
    • Replacement of late model fire tube boiler and hot-well feedwater tank with high-efficiency water tube steam generators, complete with economizers and a deaerator to improve fuel to steam efficiency by over 5% 
    • Reclaim, treat, and reuse warm exhaust air from product coolers on production systems to avoid 350,000m3/yr in natural gas usage and approximately 650 tonnes of annual CO2 emission 
    • Solar panels on the roof of the shipping warehouse allow for 500kW DC generating capacity 
    • Transitioned to LED lighting throughout the facility including over $200,000 invested since 2015 
    • Energy-efficient equipment upgrades throughout facility, including new electrical transformers, power factor correction, variable frequency drives on motors, building and process piping insulation


    • Approximately 40m3/day of potable water that is used in single-pass equipment cooling applications is captured while warm and used for makeup of boiler feed water, direct process injection, and water efficient high-pressure sanitation activities

    • $1,000,000 has been invested in wastewater pre-treatment equipment since 2015, including primary physical separation and secondary biological treatment systems to ensure all effluent from our production facility maintains a strict quality standard and minimizes loading on municipal treatment plants


    • All of the shrouds we use are recyclable and are made of 100% recycled material
    • All of the 170,400-plus pallet pads we use each year contain recycled material and are 100% recyclable 
    • For CHEP skids, when using new material, only lumber from tree farms is used, ensuring a responsible and sustainable source of timber
    • Paper and plastic/metal recycling bins are available throughout the office and lunchroom areas
    • Working with third party recycling facility allows us to recycle non-typical items, including earplugs, nitrile/latex gloves, hair/beard nets, dust masks, and broken safety glasses


    • Elmira Pet Products operates under a comprehensive Environmental Compliance Approval from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks
    • Since 2015, we have invested over $2,500,000 in exhaust air treatment equipment to abate odours, including the installation of high-efficiency particulate control ahead of a Venturi-Packed Tower scrubber and Non-Thermal Plasma odour elimination system. Both have been measured at +95% odour removal effectiveness
    • Further investments in odour treatment are planned for 2021 and 2022, totaling $3,600,000. That includes the replacement of two late-model, horizontal wet scrubbers, with high-efficiency Venturi-Packed Tower scrubbers, replicating successes from previous installations
    • The most recent TRA report can be found here: Elmira Pet Products 2019 TRA Public Report
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